Hoses are most economical & easy way to transport fluids from point to another point. Because of its versatility & easy installation procedures.Its usage and demand is increasing everyday.

General Purpose Rubber Water Hose

Exceptional Features

Concord has the complete range of water hoses conforming to IS : 444-87 manufactured in both Woven Textile & Braided Synthetic Yarn Re-inforcement for all types i.e. TYPE - 1, Type - 2 & Type -3A & 3B


Lining                       :  Uniform seamless lining of natural or blend of natural and                                    synthetic rubber.

Reinforcement           :  Plies of woven textile or braiding of high strength synthetic                                    fibre.

Cover                        :  Black, smooth, cloth marked finish or ribbed cover ofg                                    weather and abrasion resistant rubber.

Temperature Range    :  -40°F to +158°F



This Hose is used for delivery purpose & has a vide range of application in various industries, mines, dams, railways, construction sites, Irrigation, Horticulture and in calamities such as fire fighting and dewatering during floods and numerous such allied uses.

Rubber Air Hose

Exceptional Features

Concord has the distinction of the complete range of hoses covering both Woven Textile & BRAIDED RAYON RE-INFORCEMENT for all types i.e. Type-I, TypeII & TypeIII


Lining                       :  Uniform seamless lining made from a blend of natural and                                    synthetic rubber compound. In addition, for Type-3 hoses                                    lining is resistant to oil mist.

Reinforcement           :  Plies of woven textile or Braiding of high strength synthetic                                    fiber

Cover                        :  Smooth or cloth marked finish, abrasion and weather                                    resistant natural rubber compound.

Temperature Range    :  -31°F to +158°F



Type 1 and 2 of the hose have multiple applications for use with compressors and other equipments, as a pneumatic tool for engineering purposes.

Type 2 hose finds its use in deep excavation operations under taken in mines, constrution of hydel projects, damd and wherever drilling is required in hilly and rockey terrains.

Rubber Hose For Welding


Lining                      :  Seamless tube of a blend of natural and synthetic rubber                                    compound resistant to fuel gas, oxygen and other non-                                   comdusible gases.

Reinforcement          :  Plies of woven textile or Braiding of high strength synthetic                                    fiber

Cover                       :  Plain or fluted cover of rubber for lasting performance under                                    severe working conditions.
                                            i)Red for fuel gases and

                                            ii) Blue for oxygen and other non-combustible gases.

Temperature Range    :  -40°F to +158°F



It finds its application in almost every workshop, steel, miles, ship building and Power stations, repair yard etc.

Exceptional Features

Concord Welding Hose for both Woven Textile and Braided synthetic fibre construction.

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